Client Testimonial: Steve & Rachel (sellers)

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“We would like to post an unconditional recommendation for Christopher Thiemet of Circa Properties. Circa is a real estate brokerage with a focus on urban properties - Christopher has a keen understanding of value and a creative approach to marketing not just the property but also the experience of City living. He has an excellent grasp of the big picture without neglecting to take care of the detail work.

We interviewed four agents before deciding to go with Christopher. His presentation was the most carefully considered, the most professionally prepared. While we were slightly nervous with the initial price point recommendation (we thought it was a little high), he had the data to back it up. To Christopher's credit, the buyers' independent appraisal came in within $500 of his initial comparative market analysis.

Christopher put together a great marketing package. This is not your typical Word template brochure with a grainy photo - Christopher is a whiz with a camera and professional graphic design software. The web site, yard brochures, Riverfront Times ads, and in-house brochures were eye-catching and professional. There were a few more unique pieces he put together as part of the home staging that I'm not going to describe here, so as not to give away all his secrets. He helped stage the house for photos on a Saturday, and provided advice on rearranging furniture to best show the house.

After a month on the market, we decided to drop the price. Christopher helped decide the timing for this, and we were encouraged that a new group of people came through the house.

Communication was easy - when he isn't able to pick up his phone on the second ring, he returned calls within a few hours. He was always available by e-mail as well. When contracts came in he worked us through the negotiations, even in off-hours - we received e-mails from him timestamped late at night and early in the mornings.
The first contract was very low. He helped us navigate that negotiation, ultimately helping us come to the decisions that it just wasn't going to happen. The next week, a new contract came in, within our acceptable margin, and we accepted.

At that point, Christopher switched into management mode and made sure that we got everything signed, sealed, and delivered at the right times to the right places. He was able to refer contractors to complete some repair work requested by the buyers in a tight timeline. He handled communication with the buyers' agent in an efficient and conscientious manner.

Through the whole process, Christopher was professional and attentive. If you are looking for a real estate agent, we strongly recommend considering Christopher Thiemet. At this time, there are A LOT of homes for sale. We credit Christopher with helping us differentiate our house from the many other options buyers have.”

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‘City Neighborhoods’ Map

This map was created to help educate those who might be unfamiliar with names and borders of the unique neighborhoods within the City of Saint Louis.

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