Client Testimonial: Tippi + Eric. (relocation buyers)

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“...When my husband Eric and I embarked on our home search, not only were we living in different cities, but also different countries (Montreal, Canada, and Minneapolis, Minnesota), and needed to relocate to St. Louis very quickly for my new job.

Eric discovered Christopher’s web site while doing research on the St. Louis real estate market and immediately sent me the link. The site was incredibly smart and easy-to-use, and we appreciated his technical savvy, especially given the complicated logistics of our situation.

We had a short house-hunting trip scheduled for the first week of January, so we needed to make the most of our time in St. Louis. We emailed Christopher, and he immediately created on-line portals for us with our housing needs and preferences in mind. This enabled Eric and I (still in different cities/countries) to view and discuss homes that met our criteria, then narrow down our choices before arriving in St. Louis. We communicated with Christopher extensively by email, and he was always very helpful and responsive.

When we arrived in St. Louis, we finally got to meet Christopher in person. He was so easy to talk to — it was like meeting a friend. In two days, he showed us over 50 homes in a variety of styles and neighborhoods, and helped us get to know the ins-and-outs of Saint Louis neighborhoods. We didn't know St. Louis very well at all, so we must have asked Christopher a million questions. Throughout the process, he was incredibly patient, thoughtful and dedicated. It was clear to us that he loved his job, and it showed in his punctuality, organization and thoroughness.

When we finally decided on our condo (the very last home we visited), I was able to make all the arrangements (from making an offer to arranging financing and signing off on inspections) from a distance in Minneapolis. Christopher’s commitment to technology took away the fears of doing this from a distance, and made it feel as though we were already right around the corner from his office by the tools and systems he put in place for us. I needed to close in three weeks, and with anyone else, I would have been worried about how to accomplish that given the distance. Christopher handled the situation brilliantly and was always available by phone or email if I had questions.

We closed on the condo only three weeks after seeing it, and Christopher made the process very smooth. We felt like we could really depend on him. There's no doubt that when we decide to move into a new home that we'll be contacting him again. I've already referred him to a couple of friends! He exceeded our expectations on every front, and we feel very fortunate to have found him and been able to work with him...

Tippi T. and Eric D.
35xx Victor Street
St. Louis, MO 63104

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