Client Testimonial: Julie + Ben (first-time buyers)

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“In St. Louis, buying a house is actually possible. Because our (gorgeous!) houses are affordable, people of all means can consider owning their own home, and that is something invaluable to our area.

We were coming up on our fourth year of renewing our apartment lease when it occurred to us that it might be possible to buy a house rather than throwing rent money away every month. We had no clue what buying property would entail, so we contacted Christopher. Over breakfast one Saturday morning, he answered every question we had – How do we get a mortgage? How do we figure out what we can afford? What’s the first step? What kind of fees and closing costs can we expect?

We were concerned about all the upfront money involved, so Christopher suggested several first-time home buyer programs that he had experience dealing with. He even calmed our fears enough that we decided to start looking at properties.

We searched (and searched) through the neighborhoods of Saint Louis with Christopher. He was incredibly knowledgable about the ins-and-outs of each neighborhood. I am a native St. Louisan and still had no idea which neighborhoods connected to which, how to get around within them, and what the features and benefits of each distinct area are. As Christopher zipped us around for nights on end, we learned a lot... and we finally found our perfect house.

Christopher’s unwavering patience is so comforting. He knew we would find something perfect for us, even in our strict price range. In addition to the recommendation for the first-time home buyers program, he also recommended our mortgage lender, our home inspector, a few specialized inspectors, and he helped us stay on track during the closing process. I called him several times late at night, worried about some detail of the closing, and he never failed to assuage my fears that it would go smoothly. In fact it did, and we couldn’t be happier about being home-owners. We have Christopher to thank, whole-heartedly.

Our house is ten times bigger than our old apartment was. We have extra bedrooms for friends and family to stay in when they visit, a basement with tons of storage room, and a backyard that we truly enjoy in the warm months. And because we live in the city, we even live close enough to public transit that I take the bus to work and save on the high parking fees downtown. All of this, and our mortgage payment hovers around what our monthly rent was!

Christopher consistently went out of his way to make sure that our experience was a good one. He is very generous, and genuinely cares about each and every person he works for. That fact came through loud and clear to us, so I have recommended him to everyone I know that is looking for a house. I’ve even recommended him to people who haven’t yet realized that they too can own a home! One breakfast meeting with Christopher and their lives could change forever.

Julie & Ben
55xx S. 37th Street
St. Louis, MO 63116

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‘City Neighborhoods’ Map

This map was created to help educate those who might be unfamiliar with names and borders of the unique neighborhoods within the City of Saint Louis.

Click here to download a PDF of this helpful resource guide to learn more about the neighborhoods that make up our diverse city!