Client Testimonial: Georgina G + Tim T. (buyers)

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“We were first-time homebuyers who knew very little about the St. Louis market when we met Christopher, by chance, at one of his open houses.  We’d been to several open houses in the past and had met several real estate agents, some of whom reinforced our notions of the stereotypical seller – a little pushy, maybe a little slick, focused solely on making the sale (and, of course, the commission).

Christopher, though, was none of these things.  He listened, learned about our situation, and, very thoughtfully, over time, helped us decide what might be best for us.  He really wanted us to find the right fit.  We trusted him, and could tell he sincerely wanted us to be happy.

To that end, he took us to see at least 120 houses over the course of 2 ½ months, spending more time with us than he could ever be compensated for. (We were looking in the $150,000 to $180,000 range, so there was no promise of a giant payday at the end.)  He traipsed all over the city, doing “re-con” on houses when we didn’t have the time to go.  He helped us narrow down the neighborhoods we liked.  He taught us more than we ever thought there was to know about the workings of a house, pointing out the positives and the potential negatives.  He helped us through the financial process, making it less daunting and complicated.  He was an altogether great guide.

One of Christopher’s strengths is that he intuitively “gets” what you want, in part, because he listens so well.  But he doesn’t allow himself to coast along on good instincts.  He works hard – to be informed about a house, the community where it sits and the investment prospects there. And, while punctuality might seem like a minor thing, it’s also a mark of dedication and respect.  (When you’re making the biggest investment of your life, you don’t take these things lightly!) Christopher was never, ever late – though we often were! – and he was always prepared.

Christopher is also just a nice person to be around – a considerate guy with a sense of humor who can turn an overwhelming day of house hunting (or 30… or 40…) into a good time.

We feel really fortunate to have met Christopher and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.  All first-time homebuyers should be so lucky!”

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‘City Neighborhoods’ Map

This map was created to help educate those who might be unfamiliar with names and borders of the unique neighborhoods within the City of Saint Louis.

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