What clients are saying about partnering with Christopher...

Below you can read a few words from current and past clients with stories and comments about their experiences while working with me. I highly encourage you to ask for references if you are considering working with me; I'd be more than happy to share them with you. I truly love what I do and would be honored to partner with you... read on...

  Steve & Rachel
home sellers,
closed October '07

Tower Grove South

“..Christopher has a keen understanding of value and a creative approach to marketing not just the property but also the experience of City living. He has an excellent grasp of the big picture without neglecting to take care of the detail work.

We interviewed four agents before deciding to go with Christopher. His presentation was the most carefully considered, the most professionally prepared. While we were slightly nervous with the initial price point recommendation (we thought it was a little high), he had the data to back it up. To Christopher's credit, the buyers' independent appraisal came in within $500 of his initial comparative market analysis..."

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“...We had heard horror stories of buying and selling at the same time and were hesitant to get the process started. However, when we met Christopher, we knew we were in good hands.

Christopher's fact based approach, listening skills, educational style and willingness to set expectations was what made our concurrent selling and buying experience a very positive one. He marketed and priced our house to sell, while keeping our best interests in mind when negotiating diligently for us on our purchase. We now recommend Christopher to our friends and family when considering real estate needs...”


Erika + Martina,
concurrent buyer & seller,
closed Feb ‘07

Tower Grove South & Benton Park

  Jean R.
first time buyer,
closed July, ‘07

Richmond Heights
“...Christopher is an excellent REALTOR — we couldn't have asked for more, and we highly recommend him to anyone. He was extremely patient, good-humored, organized, thorough, and just very smart about the whole process. He helped us figure out what we were looking for even when we weren't sure ourselves, or when we were contradicting ourselves about what we wanted. He also did not try to sell us on the most expensive property we looked at but instead focused on the property most compatible with our lives. Because we were coming from out of town, we visited St. Louis for three days and looked at more than 30 houses during that time. This was a hectic experience, but Christopher actually made it fun and very informative. He also made it really easy to communicate long-distance using the internet, and he set up a personal website for our listings. The best part of all is that we now have a house that we love. Christopher is truly exceptional at what he does..."


“...When my husband Eric and I embarked on our home search, not only were we living in different cities, but also different countries (Montreal, Canada, and Minneapolis, Minnesota), and needed to relocate to St. Louis very quickly for my new job.

Eric discovered Christopher’s web site while doing research on the St. Louis real estate market and immediately sent me the link. The site was incredibly smart and easy-to-use, and we appreciated his technical savvy, especially given the complicated logistics of our situation...”

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Tippi + Eric,
relocation buyers,
closed Feb ‘07

Tower Grove East

  Julie & Ben
first time buyers, closed Dec ‘04

Holly Hills
“...We were coming up on our fourth year of renewing our apartment lease when it occurred to us that it might be possible to buy a house rather than throwing rent money away every month. We had no clue what buying property would entail, so we contacted Christopher. Over breakfast one Saturday morning, he answered every question we had – How do we get a mortgage? How do we figure out what we can afford? What’s the first step? What kind of fees and closing costs can we expect?

We were concerned about all the upfront money involved, so Christopher suggested several first-time home buyer programs that he had experience dealing with. He even calmed our fears enough that we decided to start looking at properties..."

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“To All Prospective Buyers & Sellers:

We were new to St. Louis and did not know anything about the area when we were referred to Christopher Thiemet by a friend of ours. As it turned out, it happened to be the best referral anyone could have given. Not only was Christopher dealing with buyers new to the area, but my husband and I lived in two different states.

Some highlights that made working with Christopher more than delightful...”

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The Bird Family,
relocation buyers,
closed May ‘06

Southwest Garden Neighborhood

  Kevin M.
concurrent buyer & seller, closed in
August ‘06

Tower Grove East
“...It didn’t take me long to decide that he was the perfect realtor for me.
He knew the city well, and understood the appeal of city living — as well as its challenges. Christopher fielded my questions and offered sound advice. After our first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision...

...I truly believe that, had I chosen another realtor, my experience would not have been as good as it was with Christopher. I have heard horror stories from friends who have sold and bought houses. I have no horror stories from my experience with Christopher, not one. In fact, I have very pleasant memories of the summer of 2006. Christopher is excellent at what he does...”

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“We were first-time homebuyers who knew very little about the St. Louis market when we met Christopher, by chance, at one of his open houses.  We’d been to several open houses in the past and had met several real estate agents, some of whom reinforced our notions of the stereotypical seller – a little pushy, maybe a little slick, focused solely on making the sale (and, of course, the commission).

Christopher, though, was none of these things.  He listened, learned about our situation, and, very thoughtfully, over time, helped us decide what might be best for us.  He really wanted us to find the right fit.  We trusted him, and could tell he sincerely wanted us to be happy...”

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Tim & Georgina,
closed May ‘06

Tower Grove South

Faye & Ted
closed October ‘06

Tower Grove South

“...We really appreciate all of your professionalism, hard work and patience with us during the sale of the house. We are SO happy that it sold and are pleased with every aspect of the sale — including the price. We think that you are a great realtor and a wonderful person. If you get tired of the market in STL, come on down — the market is still hot here in Austin... ”

“...I want to express my sincere thanks to all the work and extra care you put into marketing, selling, and closing on my house in St. Louis. I am both excited to move on and sad to leave my house in the Central West End. As agents, your expertise and attention to all the details exceeded my expectation. In addition, you were so creative in problem solving and took leadership on my behalf in addressing all kinds of issues. As a first time homeowner, there were so many details I could not foresee in selling my house, and you really put yourself on the frontline for me. Not to mention that I was trying to sell my house from out of state!

I would certainly say JOB WELL DONE, but sometimes these words are not enough. I am so glad to have my neighbor recommend you to me. This is why people need agents to help sell their house. If I ever move back to St. Louis, I would definitely count on you to help me buy a place...”


John C.,

closed May ‘06

Central West End

Josh N.
closed June ‘06

Tower Grove South

“...Christopher was referred to me by two very satisfied friends, one of whom bought her first house in Soulard, and another couple who bought their first house in Webster Groves. As a first-time home buyer myself, I did not know very much about the home buying process. I also needed to go through a relatively lengthy process of looking at a diverse amount of properties to become sure of what I was really looking for. Christopher has been extremely patient as he helped me through the “education” phase of this process, and his knowledge of the market, specific lenders, home maintenance issues, neighborhoods, and the bargaining process have been invaluable. Furthermore, I am continually impressed by his dedication to my happiness through his incredible work ethic. He is committed to helping me find something I like and not forcing me in a direction of his own choosing. This approach is all the more commendable considering that at this point in my life I am probably not one of his most lucrative clients. But I have confidence that I will be successful with Christopher’s help, and would recommend him to anyone...”

“...Our experience with Christopher on the sale of our home was awesome... He hit the ground running, with all the various information needed to begin our contract listing and throughout. His input in all areas of the process was immensely helpful and concise. What we appreciated the most was his creative insight — from how to 'show our house' physically to also presenting our home online to capture the right audience. What we thought would be a horrendous experience turned out to be a smooth, organized and well managed sale...”


Kathy & Jon H.

closed May ‘05

Bellefontaine Neighbors

Markita W .,
buyer, closed
September ‘06

Shaw Neighborhood


“...Christopher, you are truly the greatest! I am so grateful to you for all of your help and education throughout this process. I am settling in well and I love the condo! I plan to refer all friends, family, and random people on the street! I look forward to working with you again in the future...”

“... I want to extend a HUGE thanks to you. To put it mildly, I have been put through “the mill” in the past. I cannot fathom having gone any other route. You have been a true Prince. I cannot thank you enough... The best that I can do is to scream your praises from the highest mountain! I could go on and on but, I’ll save the rest for your forthcoming thank you note...”09


Evelyn W.

closed May ‘05

Bellefontaine Neighbors


‘City Neighborhoods’ Map

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